Hard acrylic
Gao Jing buffer layer+Pure resin water-based paint2Big technology
The core design,Environmental protection and mechanism motion texture
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Elastic acrylic
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Water-based environmental protection siliconepu
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The basketball court、Badminton courts、Table tennis field、
Volleyball court、The tennis court、Plastic runway, etcNLarge applications

Chinese environment mark

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China green material

Private technology enterprises in guangdong province

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IOS14001Environmental management

IAAFThe iaaf certification
Xiamen Jin Dashan construction engineering co., LTD is the first in the province、The largest in a professional committed to the professional sports venues and municipal color anti-skid road construction materials research and development、Production、One of the sales and construction as one of the group companies。Is a member of China sporting goods federation、Member of Chinese athletics association、The Chinese tennis association、Building industry association member of fujian province and the national sporting goods quality supervision and inspection center of qualified units。

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